About Us

Broken K-Bar Ranch is owned by Mike and Pat Kristynik, and is located in Kurten near Bryan, Texas on family land.  We have been raising commercial cattle since 1976 and began building our registered Angus herd in 2008.  We pride ourselves on selecting cattle based on genetic performance as well as phenotype, using EPD's, genomic testing, and ultrasound measurement as well as visual appraisal based on years of experience.  We do our own AI and embryo transferring, using our commercial cows for recipients.  Being grass farmers, our pastures are expected to support the cattle we raise, and our cattle are expected to perform on grass with supplementation when necessary.  We also select heavily for docility, as all of our cattle are worked by humans on foot, adhering to the principles of BQA.  Being a medium sized operation, we are especially geared to meet the needs of cattle raisers with small herds.  Check out the cattle presented on this website and you will get an idea about the quality we have to offer.  And give us a call anytime you would like to see some good cattle.

Mike and Pat Kristynik